With 69 years of experience at the Erlangen site, IWT successfully produces winding machines for the electrical industry.
The company was founded in 1993 by MBO from the group FAG Kugelfischer KG located in Erlangen. The first winding machine FH 88 was delivered in 1949 (under Frieseke & Hoepfner).
With our experience in mechanics, electronics and software, the CNC and PC-controlled winding machines of today's model series were developed, produced and sold worldwide.
Since the late 1990s, partial and full automation has become an important product area.
By taking over the product line of Calotron AG in 2001, the product range of wire wrapping machines was extended by the band winding technology. Furthermore, in 2003, the machine program of the company Gebrüder Waasner Elektrotechnische Fabrik GmbH, consisting of transformer core, welding machines, core insertion and hand box machines was taken over.
IWT meanwhile supplies companies in more than 40 countries.

Company Profile

Development, production and worldwide distribution of winding machines, welding machines, core insertion machines and systems for the electrical industry.

The IWT product areas are structured as follows:

  • Programmable flexible winding machines with additional modules for partial and full automation.
  • Winding and rewinding systems with facilities for product-specific applications.
  • Tape wrappers for copper and aluminum foils and cold-press welders.
  • Transformer core welding machines, core insertion machines and hand box machines.
  • Accessories such as wire brakes, regulated unwinding devices, wire guides, wrapping tools, baking tools, software a.m.m.

Through the modular machine concept, as well as a variety of standard modules, such as strip winding, rod guide,
4-station turrets, flyer wrapping attachment and taping device, customer-specific applications and automated winding and rewinding can cost-effectively designed and built. The own software and hardware development in the house guarantees a constant further development.
In addition to copper wire applications, we also offer solutions for winding and rewinding fiber optics, precious metals (platinum, gold, silver, titanium), carbon fiber, solder, plastics (fishing lines, wax cords) and resistance wire.
IWT specializes in flexible manufacturing solutions for the small and medium series at a high quality level.