Foot control devices

1-pedal Foot control devices for start and speed ​​control
3-pedal Foot control devices:
Left pedal: Start,
Middle pedal: Stop,
Right pedal: Speed control
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Electronically controlled dispensers

Electronically controlled dispenser systems for the horizontal unwinding of
Wires with controlled wire tensions of:
1-10 gram, 5-50 gram,
20 - 200 gram
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Wire reservoir

Stand coil container with felt brake and coil container for attachment to the support rod for bobbin diameter 125 mm, 160 mm and 250 mm
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Wire guides

Roller wire guides, sliding wire guides and tube guides, adjustable guide rollers for profile wires and ceramic rollers for special wires
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Centering tips

Revolving centering tips with high speeds and fixed centering points.
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Mechanical and pneumatic tailstocks
Optionally with synchronous drive
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Wire dispenser

Wire dispenser
Typ01 2,0 - 30 N
Typ02 0,1 - 1,4 N
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Mechanical and pneumatic straightening devices for optimum wire tension. Suitable for round wires with a diameter of 1.0 mm and profile wires
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Wire brakes / deduction devices

For CuAl-wires:
off unit I 0,01 - 0,05 mm
off unit II
0,04 - 0,24 mm
off unit III
0,15 - 0,75 mm
off unit IV
0,40 - 2,00 mm
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